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The Tennyson Law firm serves clients in St. Paul, Minnesota and representing clients in matters of real estate law, contract for deed, cancellation of contract for deed, landlord and tenant law, estate planning, real estate transactions (buying or selling), commercial and residential leases, advice regarding short sale, loan modification, foreclosure, commercial / residential sales, land use and zoning laws.

Virtually any property owner, renter, or landlord may need a real estate lawyer at one time or another. Whether you need help with a real estate transaction or you are dealing with a dispute or a potential lawsuit, you will benefit from learning more about your rights, obligations and options. We are happy to discuss your case with you and will offer you honest, straightforward advice to guide you through the process. The phone call is free and the advice could be just what you need. If you are looking for more general information on the rules, regulations and ordinances that effect Saint Paul, MN real estate owners, landlords and renters, please follow some of the links below.

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Many renters have no idea that their rental home or building has been foreclosed on and they continue to pay rent to the owner, who might pocket the money. The owner stops maintaining the home or unit, and the new owner, usually the bank, never makes repairs or pays the delinquent utility bills. Thiscould result in basic utilities being shut off and properties being condemned for lack of service or code violations. Many times renters are forced to leave a property in a matter of days, leaving them with few options. What should know if your landlord is foreclosed upon…. Click here to read more

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